Mark Ireland +61 415 119 126

As well as being a web application developer I am also an artist, owner/builder and statistician/researcher. I have experience managing small teams of developers, designers and programmers.
I have worked with record linkage, the design and analysis of surveys and experiments, applied probability, computer simulation and statistical programmimg. I have used Adobe ColdFusion, JSON (javascript object notation), webservices, dynamic pdf generation, Crystal Reports, MSQL, MySQL, Oracle, postgres gis, dBase and javascript libraries (like jQuery) for web development and database programming. For statistical programmimg I have used R, RStudio, Shiny, SAS, SPSS, AutoMatch and Excel.

My interests include improvised electronic music. If it sounds good on SoundCloud please download a higher quality version from BandCamp.


Clients have included BHPBilliton, Toyota, Newcastle and James Cook Universities, Federal and State government plus McGrath Real Estate, Coco Republic, Pentax, Nokia, MahLab, JWGecko, FinanceAsia, NSW Cancer Registry, Stroudgate Publishing, Centurion Marketing, Harvey World Travel and many others.